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Avanale Water Solutions & Avanale Renewable Energy

South East Queensland Based Wholesale Suppliers & Specialists in Water Treatment

We Design, Manufacture & Supply - Desalination (reverse osmosis), UF, Filtration & Solar

Water Treatment Chemicals

Quality Water treatment chemicals and the selection of the right chemical for the specific application are key for the long term reliability of your process and peace of mind.

Products available from Avanale Water Solutions are;

Chlorine - available from 15 litres to a tanker. The purity of our AVCHLOR12.5 makes it ideal for a number of uses including potable water and waste water

AVAQUA - Calcium Hypochlorite granular, an ideal product for potable water and waste water treatment.

Antiscants - specifically formulated to prevent or reduce membrane fouling, our antiscalants have been used on RO membranes lasting 10 years.

Membrane cleaning chemicals - a variety of membrane cleaning chemicals are available. Feel free to contact us to discuss the most suitable product for your system.

Contact us to discuss your requirements; [email protected].au or call 0481 214 221