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Avanale Water Solutions & Avanale Renewable Energy

South East Queensland Based Wholesale Suppliers & Specialists in Water Treatment

We Design, Manufacture & Supply - Desalination (reverse osmosis), UF, Filtration & Solar

Robust & Reliable AVRO Ultrafiltration Systems

Skid Mounted or Containerised Systems sized from 1m3/hr to 70m3/hr

The AVRO Ultra Filtration System is a fully pre-designed and engineered Ultra Filtration skid range with flows from 1m3/hr through to 70m3/hr. Whilst the systems are pre-designed, we can custom design to suit your client’s requirements. We can place your logo on the system and manual.

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The AVRO Ultra Filtration System features a compact space saving design, high quality components and offers high performance. The systems are designed for simple user-friendly controls, rugged construction, minimum energy consumption with lower maintenance and operation costs. Systems are plug and play with pre-treatment and post treatment variations options as required at certain sites.