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Avanale Water Solutions & Avanale Renewable Energy

South East Queensland Based Wholesale Suppliers & Specialists in Water Treatment

We Design, Manufacture & Supply - Desalination (reverse osmosis), UF, Filtration & Solar

Quality FRP Pressure Vessel and Laterals

Avanale have sourced through one of the most well known quality suppliers of high quality FRP water treatment vessels utilising PE or FRP liners. As such they are suitable for residential, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, commercial and industrial softening and filtering systems. With excellent performance and corrosion resistant, the vessels can be equipped with mechanical control valves to meet the expectations and requirements of clients.

Manufactured from high performance composite materials and are filament wound with epoxy resin.

Full choice of pressure vessel available up to 73" diameter with 94" height. Multiple choices of Top only or Top & Bottom openings available. 


# Filament wound with epoxy resin

# Full choice of pressure vessels available up to 73" Diameter with 94" height

# Top & Bottom Openings available for 16" through to 63" Tanks

# Maximum Operating Pressure : 150PSI - 10Bar

# Burst Pressure : 600PSI

# Maximum Operating Temperature : 49°C

# 100% Corrosion resistant

# Fatigue Cycle : 100,000 Times

# Low Installation & maintenance